Using out-of-the-box methods, proven techniques and creative exercises, LexThink delivers productive law firm retreats & practice group meetings that your lawyers will value for years.

LexThink Retreats & Meetings Deliver:

Real Collaboration

Participants build lasting relationships as they share great ideas, address their biggest challenges and develop concrete plans for the future.

Productive Learning

Attendees learn by doing as they work in small-groups built to share and discuss the issues and ideas most relevant to them.

Creative Thinking

Proving that “Creative Lawyer” isn’t an oxymoron, participants tap into their right brains as they work, think and learn in creative ways.

Your Lawyers Can:

  • Develop their personal practice plans and align their goals with the firm’s long-term strategy.
  • Hone their business development skills by utilizing creative writing, improvisational theatre and role-playing exercises.
  • Identify key clients and learn how to serve them better through customer experience mapping.
  • Address your firm’s biggest challenges in collaborative brainstorming sessions.
  • Understand one another’s legal strengths and practice competencies, leading to more cross-selling and internal client referrals.

Guaranteed Results

When you work with LexThink, we promise to exceed your expectations.  Your absolute satisfaction with our services isn’t just a goal, it’s the measure of our worth — and ultimately the determination of our fee.  With LexThink’s “You Decide” Invoice, the rules are simple: you’ll pay what you feel is right after the work is done.  No questions asked.