LexThink helps lawyers innovate more and collaborate better in firm retreats, practice group meetings, workshops and events by delivering meaningful, practice-changing experiences in creative and effective ways.

Retreats & Meetings

LexThink law firm retreats and practice group meetings use out-of-the-box methods, proven techniques and creative exercises to deliver a focused, collaborative and productive experience that your lawyers will remember for years.

Training & Workshops

LexThink Workshops utilize innovative methods like creative writing, improvisational theatre and role-playing exercises to teach lawyers how to find great clients, understand them more and serve them better.

Keynote Speeches

LexThink founder Matt Homann can speak at your next conference or firm retreat.  A passionate and effective speaker, he shares creative ways lawyers can make bold, innovative changes in their practices that profit both firm and client. Learn more.

Clients Say ...

You Decide Our Fee

Whether you hire LexThink to deliver a speech, train your lawyers in business development skills or design and facilitate your entire firm retreat, we promise we will exceed your expectations.  Your absolute satisfaction with our services isn’t just our goal, it’s the measure of our worth — and ultimately the determination of our fee.  With LexThink’s “You Decide” Invoice, the rules are simple: you’ll pay what you feel is right after the work is done.  No questions asked.

New from the Blog:

Simplify Your Evaluations

Next time you’re tempted to ask your attendees (whether at a CLE or Law Firm Retreat) to complete a lengthy, multi-page evaluation form, try something a bit different:  ask them for a one-sentence evaluation instead. I’ve been doing this for a while and what I’ve found is the insights I get when I ask everyone…

Implement an Idea Lottery

At your next conference or firm retreat, don’t give out attendance prizes.  Give out idea prizes instead in an “Idea Lottery.” From Creativity expert Michael Mihalko: Have an “idea lottery,” using a roll of numbered tickets. Each time a person comes up with a creative idea, he or she receives a ticket. At the end…

Cross-Selling Services in Firm Retreats

Every firm I know wishes they could encourage cross-selling by their lawyers — keeping business inside the firm that might otherwise go elsewhere.  Here’s a simple idea that will get lawyers talking about the kinds of work they can share within the firm: 1.  Each practice group delegates one lawyer to attend each of the…

Start from Scratch for Great Firm Retreats

If you begin your law firm retreat planning with last year’s agenda, you’re doing it wrong. Instead of beginning your planning with the agenda from the year before, why not start with a blank sheet of paper and build a law firm retreat that delivers what your attorneys want and need? Begin by asking your…